The Dignity of Women Podcast with Kimberly Cook

The Dignity of Women podcast focuses on reclaiming femininity in the modern age. It challenges feminist viewpoints and the objectification of persons.

The Dignity of Women calls us to higher virtue and nobility of character, so that men must aspire to be worthy of us, and that through Christ, beauty will save the world.

Latest Podcasts

Podcast 12: Hookup Culture

All that you didn’t know about the hookup culture and how we’re all living in it – whether we like it or not! How is marriage the cure?

Podcast #11: Kimberly Hahn

Kimberly Hahn spent 26 years homeschooling her 6 children before moving into local politics. Here she shares her wisdom on how motherhood prepares you for your best!

Podcast #9: Catholic Single Life in the Modern World

  On this The Dignity of Women podcast about catholic single life in the modern world, Kimberly is joined by co-author Sterling Jaquith as they discuss their book Into the Wilderness: 40 Day Devotional for Catholic Single Women, as well as the comedies and...

Podcast #8: Building the Lego Catechism

Kevin and Mary O’Neill are a Catholic homeschool family with seven children. Mary is a stay at home mom with a degree in elementary education. Kevin runs the family landscaping company, which has given him ample time to listen to Catholic audio and to read on the...

Podcast #7: The Abolition Of Woman

Fiorella Nash is one of the leading modern Catholic feminist voices in the Church today. As I read through her recent book, The Abolition of Woman: How Radical Feminism is Betraying Women, I was overwhelmed by her mastery of the work – her vast research into feminism,...

Podcast #6: Sisters Of Life

The Sisters of Life is a contemplative/active religious community of women founded in 1991 by John Cardinal O’Connor for the protection and enhancement of the sacredness of every human life. Like all religious communities, they take the three traditional vows of...

Podcast #5: Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Motherhood

 Abby Johnson has always been fiercely determined to help women in need. This desire is what led Abby to an 8-year career with Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest abortion provider, and caused her to flee the organization, becoming an outspoken advocate for the...

Podcast #4: The Reality Of Human Trafficking

 8-year old Nomi is a survivor of human trafficking in Cambodia. When Diana Mao met Nomi at a recovery shelter, she was shocked and moved by her story. Trafficked by her stepfather, without her mother’s disapproval, Nomi was discovered by outreach workers – CAGED....