Carrie Gress, philosopher, mom, and author of The Marian Option, The Anti-Mary Exposed, and Theology of Home, joins me on The Dignity of Women to boldly discuss toxic femininity in our culture – the effects it’s had and how to rescue ourselves, our family, and our society. 

Carrie Gress

Carrie Gress has a doctorate in philosophy from the Catholic University of America and has taught as a professor at Pontifex University. She is the editor at the online magazine Theology of Home. Carrie is a regular contributor to Catholic and secular media. She is the author of seven books including The Marian Option, The Anti-Mary Exposed and Theology of Home  

But beyond all of her many wonderful accomplishments in advancing Christendom, Carrie is a homeschooling mother, awaiting the birth of her fifth child! As she lives out her vocation of marriage and motherhood, Carrie has often contemplated the role feminism has played in our society.

She has naturally been drawn deeper into reflecting on the role of Our Lady and her unique “gentle” power, which of course remains at odds with many elements of the feminist movement’s ideal quest for power. Carrie shares her inspiration to write The Marian Option, also inviting children to enter into a deeper relationship with Mary through her book, Marian Consecration for Children.

Theology of Home

One of the things that most resonated with Carrie was the need Americans have to return to the home as a sanctuary for the family. We are addicted to HGTV, DIY projects that give our homes a unique and personal touch, and absolutely anything produced by Joanna Gaines.

But the element of home (a stay at home mom, domestic activities and projects, cooking and decorating) have been abandoned, forgotten, and protested against over the last few generations, and now we find ourselves hungry to rediscover them. We find that we were never taught domestic skills such as sewing and cooking, and perhaps our childhood home didn’t seem “homey” at all.

But now, as parents, we want a cozy sanctuary from the world to return to. We want to nurture our family relationships, create warm memories, and most importantly, draw everyone who enters under our roof closer to Christ.

Personally, I find great comfort in the liturgical decorations of the Church seasons, such as the glorious Advent wreath, the Jesse tree, and the hauntingly beautiful chants of the season. It’s hard to put these elements of our home back into boxes for another year. These are the sentiments that inspired Carrie’s latest book, Theology of Home, which guides readers to find the eternal in the everyday!


  • Feminism
  • Motherhood
  • Who is the Anti-Mary?
  • What is The Marian Option?
  • Communism, Marxism, and Feminism
  • What is the antidote to rescue the culture?
  • What is the Theology of Home?







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