Kimberly Cook

Writer, Podcaster, Mother, & Catholic Apologist

I Believe that:

We, as women, must understand the authentic and unique gift of our femininity.

Endowed with dignity, freedom, and the high call to pursue virtue – our voice and example is necessary. We are called, alongside our brothers, to imitate Christ in humility, service, and a love that is life-giving.

Yet, our feminine genius is uniquely maternal and receptive – two words that should inspire great wonder and awe.

Meet Kimberly

I was raised loosely Catholic until my early teens, when all faith disintegrated.

As a misguided and idealistic youth, I gravitated deeper into the feminist punk/riot grrrl movement.

After many years of darkness, anger, and hopelessness, my life took a new course. I was introduced to a spiritual director, who would change my life and help to bring me back into the fold of faith.

I studied Mental Health at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and went on to receive a Master in Arts in Systematic Theology from Christendom Graduate School. Along the journey, I began forming deeply meaningful friendships. I also witnessed an authentic community of love and gained insights into the faith that reawakened the personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that I had known in the innocence of my childhood.

This relationship brought many years of healing, as I reformed my understanding of truth – particularly of true femininity, masculinity, and the perfect harmony meant to join them together in a unified journey toward heaven.

I’m now happily tucked in near the Blue Ridge mountains, side-by-side my husband and our four children. We strive each day to ascend that mountain of virtue together, and to cherish the genuine laughter and authentic relationships of our family and community.

Experience & Authority

Walking away from a past rooted in radical feminism to embrace the wisdom of Holy Mother Church, while obtaining degrees in Theology and Mental Health, I offer experience, knowledge of truth, and wisdom to know the difference!


Striving to reveal our innate dignity through sharing the personal experiences and insights of myself and others.

Challenging Modern Feminism

Feminism is a hot topic and raises many emotions and loaded responses. Many women hide behind feminism, as an escape from encountering their own femininity.

With the wisdom of John Paul II, who called women to a “new feminism,” equipped with a greater understanding of femininity and masculinity, we have a responsibility to love well.