Visual pornography…not just for men? That’s right. I was shocked to learn of the narrowing of the “gender gap” in the porn industry – viewers, marketing, and female porn film directors. The objectification of persons through the porn industry is pervasive in our culture, and it does not discriminate. “We could say we are literally rewiring women to become more like broken men.”

Pornography is an intentional depiction – either visual, written, or oral – that explicitly attempts to make a person use another human being as means of their own selfish sexual gratification.”

Steve Pokorny joins me on this episode of The Dignity of Women. Steve is the founder of Freedom Coaching, a one-on-one mentoring system designed to break the attraction to pornified images. After struggling with this compulsion for more than 12 years, by the grace of God he was set free. Now Steve Pokorny helps others to embrace their true identity as beloved sons and daughter of God and to live as a gift for others.

Pornography is changing everything. The way men view women, the way women view themselves, the relationship between spouses, the popular understanding of love and sexuality – all of these have become skewed to a tremendous degree because of the pervasiveness of pornography. We are losing the ability to interact with one another in a healthy manner, and the effects are palpable.”

Episode Highlights

  • Pornography in the culture – women and men
  • Altered bodies of women become norm – men less sexually responsive to real women
  • Pornography changes the way women view themselves (ugly, unworthy, unattractive)
  • Confusion of function (breastfeeding) and sexualization
  • Beauty is necessary for life – should embrace and not run from beauty
  • Sacred art as the remedy of compulsion of pornography
  • Importance of the image of Mary breastfeeding Jesus in transformation

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 A person who does not know love cannot give love.”

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