Kevin and Mary O’Neill are a Catholic homeschool family with seven children. Mary is a stay at home mom with a degree in elementary education. Kevin runs the family landscaping company, which has given him ample time to listen to Catholic audio and to read on the off-season. As a result Kevin now considers himself a product of the New Evangelization with the development of the Lego Catechism.

Their idea for the Lego Catechism was born when their kids brought a popular children’s Bible to their attention and upon realizing it was blasphemous, Kevin and Mary knew that they were being called to create a catechism on the seven sacraments, utilizing theology of covenant and typology to teach the truth of the Catholic faith.

The O’Neill’s “Catechism of the Seven Sacraments” is the first book in a series. It uses typology to explain the necessity of the Sacraments in our relationship with Christ and His one, holy catholic and apostolic Church. The books are published through Storytel Press – a private non-profit foundation on a mission to inspire people to restore the sacred. Kevin and Mary are new to the world of publishing and the Catechism of the Seven sacraments is their first book.

The O’Neill Lego Family Portrait


  • From a bad children’s Bible to Legos and Sacraments
  • How are you missionaries in the new evangelization?
  • Re-evangelizing Catholics through a creative and youthful approach
  • Orthodoxy of the Lego Catechism
  • “American Entrepreneurial Catholicism”
  • Old Testament typology
  • Missionary work as a couple and family right from the home
  • Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant



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