Abby Johnson has always been fiercely determined to help women in need. This desire is what led Abby to an 8-year career with Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest abortion provider, and caused her to flee the organization, becoming an outspoken advocate for the pro-life movement.

As a clinic director at PP, Abby realized abortion was a “product” they were selling, yet she loved and continued to serve the women that entered her clinic. That changed on September 26, 2009, when Abby was asked to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion. She watched in horror as a 13-week old baby fought for, and ultimately lost its life at the hand of the abortionist.

Seeking answers, Abby turned to a local pro-life group. Her leaving Planned Parenthood as a threat to the organization caused them to take immediate action. They sought to silence Abby with a gag order and brought her to court on a case that was ultimately dismissed.

Abby Johnson is the author of the nationally best-selling book Unplanned, which chronicles her experiences. Today, Abby travels across the globe sharing her story, educating the public on pro-life issues, advocating for the unborn, and reaching out to abortion clinic staff who still work in the industry.

Abby Johnson is the founder of And Then There Were None, a ministry designed to assist abortion clinic workers in transitioning out of the industry. To date, this ministry has helped over 430 workers leave the abortion industry. Abby lives in Texas with her husband and seven children.


  • How a youthful desire to help women led to Planned Parenthood
  • How abortions are the “products” PP sells
  • Recounting the abortion that changed her life
  • Modern feminism and the issue of life and “choice”
  • Ministry that helps industry workers transition out
  • Demonization of motherhood – robber of personal fulfillment
  • Soon to be release movie, based on her book Unplanned
  • Abby had 2 abortions, and this is often what helps her connect with women in crisis



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