Discover The Feminine Genius

The Unique Feminine Gifts and Talents and the Universal Call to Holiness

Is there really anything truly universal or unique about being feminine?

Is Motherhood really “who we are” as women?

How do we understand Jesus’ masculinity in relation to us as women?

A Talk Like No Other

The “Genius” of our femininity as women is a topic that has been wrestled with long before it was made popular by St. John Paul II during his papacy. Some have scratched the surface and others have explored certain elements of the feminine genius in depth. But what hasn’t been addressed is the perfection of masculinity in Christ, and how we, as women encounter and relate to that through our femininity!

How can we, as women, relate to Jesus’ masculinity through our femininity? What are our unique feminine gifts and how do others encounter them in us?”

The Feminine Genius

Our Feminine Gifts

What are the unique feminine gifts and talents that are distinct to our femininity, and how do others encounter them in us?

  • receptivity
  • sensitivity
  • generosity
  • maternity

Physical Body/Spiritual Body


  • motherhood (what is motherhood?)
  • does soul have gender?
  • what is personhood?
  • male and female?

Jesus’ masculinity 

How can we understand Jesus’ masculinity in relation to us as women?

  • throughout Scripture
  • through the Church
  • through a Personal Encounter with him

    The Universal Call to Holiness


      • How do we put our feminine gifts and talents at the service of the Lord?
      • living the fullness of the Christian life?
      • be transformed in Christ

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