The Feminine Genius (Audio)


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How can we, as women, relate to Jesus’ masculinity through our femininity?

The “Genius” of our femininity as women is a term that was made largely popular by St. John Paul II during his papacy. JPII had a great affection for the Blessed Mother, whom he dedicated his papacy, and no doubt was led by her throughout his many years of writing and teaching to women.

Physical Body/Spiritual Body

  • motherhood (what is motherhood?)
  • does soul have gender?
  • what is personhood?
  • male and female?

How can we understand Jesus’ masculinity in relation to us as women?

  • throughout Scripture
  • through the Church
  • through a Personal Encounter with him

What are the unique feminine gifts and talents that are distinct to our femininity, and how do others encounter them in us?

  • receptivity
  • sensitivity
  • generosity
  • maternity

The Universal Call to Holiness

  • How do we put our feminine gifts and talents at the service of the Lord?
  • living the fullness of the Christian life?
  • be transformed in Christ

Kimberly Cook

Writer, Podcaster, Mother, & Catholic Apologist. Meet Kimberly

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