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What is it that the saints possessed? What gave them the ability to be completely detached from money, possessions, and comfort? How were they able to show others that what they really wanted was something deeper and more meaningful – something unchanging and eternal?


APOLOGETICS got its name from the Greek word apologetikos, meaning “defense.”

“Right now, the low-end estimate for the number of new Christian martyrs every year is around 8,000, while the high end runs to 100,000. That works out to either one new martyr every hour, or every five minutes – in any event, (it’s) a human rights scourge of astonishing proportions.” (Crux)

  • St. Justin Martyr defended the faith against Jews in the second century
  • Tertullian, Origen, and Augustine converted pagans to Christianity
  • John Damascene opposed the dangerous challenge of the Mohammedan religion known as Islamism
  • St. Thomas Aquinas wrote against the gentiles, proving that Aristotle’s teaching confirmed the truths of religion.
  • The Council of Trent (1545-1563) responded to Protestantism.



This brings us to today and the need for all of us to be modern apologists, because my friends, relativism is still very much alive and well. Today’s montras are “Don’t judge me,” as a way of putting blame on the one calling out the fault rather than the one doing it, and “To each his own,” or “You do you,” meaning whatever is right for you is right for you – it’s relative. There is no universal truth.



  1. Social Media and Apologetics – is it a place for pro-life debate?
  2. Homosexuality in the workplace – when to speak?
  3. MMR vaccine derived from the tissue of aborted fetuses – what to do for your family?
  4. IVF and a good friend choosing it after years of painful infertility – emotions or reason?



  1. Truth
  2. Seven Sacraments
  3. The Church

Kimberly Cook

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