On my never-ending quest for good Catholic children’s books, I happily came upon Gracewatch Media’s Peanut Butter & Grace Books! These bright and colorful picture books, prayer books, and children’s bibles introduce your kids to beautiful stories of faith on their own level, and beloved saints such as Therese. As an illustrator myself, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the sweet images, which captured the very personality of the saints.

I checked out two children’s books for my own family. Molly McBride and the Purple Habit caught my attention right away, mostly due to the cute little girl on the front cover in a purple nun’s habit. The story of Molly, a little girl who didn’t want to take off the costume habit her mom made her, even when it came to special occasions, rang true to the experiences of many parents who have shown up anywhere from the grocery store to Mass with a knight or princess in tow. My kids liked the story from their own perspective, the connection Molly had with the Sisters, whose habit hers was modeled. They appreciated Molly’s rebellious nature in sticking with wearing the habit, and the gentleness of the Sisters, who seemed to be the only ones to truly understand Molly.

The other book I ordered (more for myself) was the Living Sparks of God: Stories of Saints for Young Catholics to Color. With the revolution of Adult Coloring Books for the sake of de-stressing, why not pick something that can be useful in educating your family and yourself on the faith, deepening your understanding and relationship with the saints, and decorating your house with beautiful prints? Check out the video below, which takes you through the pages of the book, so you can see for yourself.

PB&G also just introduced a free program called MISSION:CHRISTIAN, for older children, which is a weekly e-mail delivering daily missions to your child’s inbox, based on each day’s missal reading and saint of the day! This online Magnificat for older children allows your kids to combine prayer and technology in a fun and inspiring way, challenging them to push their spiritual limits. Don’t miss out on this free offer to engage your kids!

Lastly, parents, Peanut Butter & Grace has so many free resources for you to get great ideas and inspiration in raising your beautiful Catholic children! From making prayer boxes for small kids, to helping teens navigate prayer, retreat, and Theology of the Body. The Power to the Parents section offers many inspiring articles and ideas from parents, teachers, and religious educators.

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