Eve and Mary by Ferdinand Max Bredt


About the Documentary

I am so blessed to have been part of this two part documentary, which explores and celebrates the dignity and vocation of women, from the perspective of the most perfect model of womanhood: the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This film explores the reclaiming of feminist ideologies, which have eroded the clarity of God’s image in women, furthering us from our vocation to holiness.

From Eve to Mary” offers a wide variety of testimonies from various experts in theology, philosophy, Biblical studies, marriage and the family, along with religious sisters, and mothers.

Who are We?

Who are we, as women, in the image and likeness of God, caught somewhere in between Eve and Mary? How can we be bold sojourners in this world, carving out our own destiny, while at the same time preserving our dignity and the gentleness of our nature? We ARE (with man), the crown of creation; endowed with freedom and the rationality to love and be loved, given dominion over all the earth, and the gift of generation through the model of God!

Well Now…What do We do with THAT?

If you think that sounds like a tall order…it is! Maybe that’s why it seems like we fail so often. I can just imagine trying to tell my High School self (with body image and identity crisis, a speckled face, and the latest friendship drama) that I am an intentional and beautiful part of God’s plan. That my dignity as a woman is fulfilled in the image and likeness of Christ. Even though I can’t imagine it, I know it’s what I needed to hear.

Fighting Society

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest from the dark and dismal mud we find ourselves in. The truth however, is that from the moment of creation of that very first woman, we as women have been under attack. The apple is still there, just as ripe on the tree in front of us. The serpant still whispers in our ear to doubt the word of God. And the temptation to be like God is rampant throughout society.


Safeguarding the Secret

We are called to be greater, and holiness is hard! Do you know that as woman you are called to the safekeeping of the secret of love and life? Do you know that you are in fact a target, and the goal is to degrade and obscure your feminine identity – and all its qualities and gifts? Do you know that you are a living reminder of the Blessed Mother, who reversed the fall of Eve with her “Yes” to God? Woman, do you know?

From Eve to Mary” was produced by the EUK Mamie Foundation, which arose from the desire of the Home of the Mother to contribute to the New Evangelization.

The Foundation responds to the call to use social communications media as a way to proclaim the Gospel message. Our activities and products are directed towards young people, families and children to transmit good values. Our motto is “Yesterday, today, and always: THE TRUTH.”

The Foundation produces all types of audiovisual and graphic material, thanks to the collaboration of members of the Home of the Mother and many others who, with a true apostolic spirit, dedicate their time and knowledge to these productions, which include radio and television programs and magazines.

As we know there is much at stake, EUK Mamie works on a different wavelength…. building the Civilization of Love.

Kimberly Cook

Writer, Podcaster, Mother, & Catholic Apologist. Meet Kimberly

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