Honored to give a talk for the Catholic Conference 4 Moms I have chosen to address “Our Sacrifice of Love in Motherhood.” This is my vulnerable moment – sharing a combination of some real joys and sorrows I have experienced in motherhood, right from the physical pain of my natural labors to the mental struggle of my postpartum depression.

I share some of my journey in recognizing the necessity and the grace that can be found in human suffering and weakness – especially calling on the example of Saint Gianna; a mother who became a champion of suffering…and of great love!

But beyond canonized saints, I also share some “saintly” stories of everyday people and friends, who have awed me through their faithfulness to God in desperate situations!

Ultimately, this talk is meant to dig deeper into how we can learn day by day to embrace the vocation of motherhood in love, and to use our vocation to transform our own weaknesses of selfishness, pride, and apathy. We are each given the gift of motherhood in our own unique and beautiful form, and the God who knows our heart best – He desires that motherhood to be a crowning joy to our womanhood as well!

Watch Here my talk on Our Sacrifice of Love in Motherhood, given at the Catholic Conference 4 Moms.

Kimberly Cook

Writer, Podcaster, Mother, & Catholic Apologist. Meet Kimberly

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