Gerard van Honthorst – Nativity

The second Person of the Trinity could have come to us in so many ways, but he chose to come through the womb of a virgin. He came as a baby.

Behold, I make all things new

Babies have a way of making things “new” for the family and the world. Truly, a new soul, formerly not in existence, has come to shape humanity! Babies remind us of the newness of life, and the cycle of our own life journey.

Children are especially drawn toward babies, and even seem to have a special connection with them. Is it their shared innocence? Is it the recognition of a younger and more needy one than themselves? Perhaps the joy of the newness that this special life brings? Whatever the cause of the unique bond, it refreshes our own sense of wonder and delight as adults.

The last time my husband and I went for a “gender reveal” sonogram, the sono tech told us that it was very strange how often the young siblings “knew” with confidence the unrevealed gender of their unborn sibling. Throughout her years working as a tech, she made it a point to ask the siblings what they thought, before revealing the gender. One little boy even said, “I really want a brother, but I know it’s a girl.” His parents laughed, but sure enough, he was right. The sono tech said that this instance was certainly not the exception.

Our young son has come to recognize Jesus on the cross, but squeals in delight as he comes across the “baby” Jesus in the manger on the front lawns at Christmas time. As parents, we are able to see everything anew through the lens of our children, but I cannot describe what comes over me at his reaction to the Christ child in the nativity.

The truths of our faith, just like any other knowledge we possess, need awakening from time to time. We seem to take the absolute mystery of the Christmas story for granted; that Christ came down from heaven, entered the womb of a virgin, became man, yada yada, died on the cross and rose again. Happy Easter! Sometimes, it all gets wrapped up (pun intended) in the “Holiday Season.” And sometimes, I am tempted to continue prodding my toddler impatiently toward the car, as he stops yet again in front of the same baby Jesus. “Yes,” I want to tell him, “He will be there all day.”

But I stop myself, holding my own squirming baby in the pouring rain, and let him have the moment in awe of baby Jesus. And I also stop for a moment, contemplating the mystery of that particular baby…and how he continues to make all things new (me included).


Kimberly Cook

Writer, Podcaster, Mother, & Catholic Apologist. Meet Kimberly

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