Into the Wilderness – Single Women Workbook


When you find something your soul has longed for…it rejoices!

I know that when I find something spiritually nourishing – in a way that no one else has offered, I need to share that nourishment with those close to me. This Workbook is like that! It’s something you have to pass on to a sister or friend on the single journey. It’s something to chat about on the phone, or meet up at a coffee shop to discuss. It’s the kind of faith-filled product that can bring you both closer to Him!

MARRIAGE? Do you feel deeply called to the vocation of marriage? Are you frustrated by the wait and the emotionally draining dating game? Is your faith constantly tested through the dark nights of the soul, as your heart longs for fulfillment – through Christ – in the vocation He has written on your heart?

SINGLE LIFE? What are your thoughts, fears, or reliefs about a call to the single or religious life? Have you faced them?

MY PAST? What about your past still haunts you in moving forward in a life-long relationship? Have you let go and forgiven past hurts? Has your heart healed?

MY FUTURE? Do you truly know how much God loves you, and do you believe in the promises of good things planned just for you? Can you trust this? Let us show you how!

This 40-Day Devotional Journal tackles all of these issues and more! It is meant to strengthen your faith and encourage you on the journey. You are not alone.

Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ Soft Cover Workbook (52 pages)

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