‘Into the Wilderness’ Single Women Workbook

Do you feel deeply called to the vocation of marriage? Are you frustrated by the wait and the emotionally draining dating game? Is your faith constantly tested through the dark nights of the soul, as your heart longs for fulfillment – through Christ – in the vocation He has written on your heart?

This 40-Day Devotional Journal tackles all of these issues and more! It is meant to strengthen your faith and encourage you on the journey. You are not alone.

As the years go by, remaining single leads many women to feel discouraged and alone in their struggles. The single years are tough, and require us to cling close to Christ, even as our heart cries out to him, “What are you asking of me, Lord?”

'Into the Wilderness' Single Women Ebook

'Into the Wilderness' Single Women Workbook

Throughout these 40 days, you will read excerpts from women – sharing their personal struggles and life-learned lessons.

You will be strengthened in your discernment process, spiritual goals, commitment to remain true to pure desires, and use this time as a way to grow in greater virtue for God’s very unique future plans for your life.

Together with scripture verses and support from the saints, you will be given daily journal prompts – leading you to gently reflect, examine, and grow your relationship with Christ in this specific season of single life.

We look forward to going on this journey with you!

The Dark Night of the Single Soul

But then again, I was twenty-five and practically an old maid, or so I thought. Many of my friends were married or close to marriage and as they had children and moved on in their vocation, I began to feel left out and desperately isolated. The consistently present longing for something more (in many areas of my life) outside of my small home-town began to increase and gain momentum, giving my heart the necessary courage to sprout wings.

Our Love Story

From a very early age, I drew close to our Lord, and although not from a very devout household, I found myself speaking with the Lord often throughout my childhood.

Among these years of childhood innocence, there were a few very distinct spiritual revelations from him – one of which was about my future vocation.

Single Women Ebook

Single Women Workbook

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Maria Spears – Musician and Ministry Leader

One of the things I loved best about the 40 Day Devotional for Catholic Single Women were the personal stories.

It can be very discouraging when you’re single and really desiring to enter into your vocation. But hearing such a combination of stories constantly reminded me that God is truly in the love story writing business, and that His timing for every aspect of our lives is perfect!

Erika Garcia (Teacher)

“Into the Wilderness is must-read for young single Catholic women! It has helped me grow during this time of waiting for marriage, both in self-knowledge and in relationship to God.

“I loved the inspirational quotes and anecdotes for each day. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this single-life journey; others have been through it too, and there is always hope.”

Ruth Apollonia, Authoress, Annabelle of Anchony series

“Being a 30’s something unmarried Catholic female called to marriage, I found encouragement in Into the Wilderness: 40 Day Devotional for Single Catholic Women.

“I found myself thinking, ‘These are my thoughts before me written by another’s hand.’ Both a practical and spiritual devotional that is succinct in words but broad in topics, it challenged me to evaluate my weaknesses and strengths; fears and doubts; and, most importantly, reminded me that I’m not alone in my search for the one with whom God wishes me to wed.

“It’s a great tool for the Holy Spirit to guide one’s thoughts, examine one’s life, and gauge whether one is truly trusting in Him and His Divine Providence, which calls us all to be in better relationship with Him.”

April Canby (Catholic Mother of 6)

“I was looking for a way to talk to my sixteen-year-old daughter about the way she views herself and the way she will approach dating as she discerns her vocation.

“Into the Wilderness” provided a guide to help me talk to her. It gave her some “food for thought” about being happy in her current place in life and opened the door for us to have conversations about seeking out a potential future spouse.

“Because she is only 16, not all of the devotions applied to her (she has not been on a date yet), but I believe it helped open her eyes to a future her. As her mother, my current dating fear for her is that she will “fall” for the first guy who shows her any small amount of attention. This workbook helped us to talk about qualities to look for not only in a future spouse but also in friendships.

“We enjoyed the personal narratives from other young women at the beginning of each devotion. They reflected on personal choices they had to make during their single life and also while they were dating. Several devotions reflected on being happy as a single woman and how to use that time to develop a deeper relationship with God.

“I appreciated the thoughtful God centered topics about being a single woman and potential challenges one might face while considering a vocation in marriage.”