What an amazing first week of the marriage workbook this has been! Prudence..whew! I was honestly surprised at how much deep conversation this chapter produced between my spouse and I, as we were the ones on the hot seat!

Our main takeaway was being “present.” We realized that we are not always prudent with our time or attention. What was unfolded for us was the way that we are sometimes “physically” present, but so distracted by our phones and computers, or our minds are locked on work and deadlines, that we are not truly “present” to those around us.

Many of the saints had a knack for being so present in the midst of each person they encountered, that truly those people testified to the way they were made to feel as if they were the only or most important person in the world. Both my husband and I aspire to this same saintly quality.

Tangible Outcome:

We decided to have a “phone bin” in our kitchen, where phones live in the house when not in use. Texts or posts or anything else can wait in that bin until an appropriate time to check them. Just like the good old days when phones were on kitchen walls…ours are!

Put to the Test:

You better believe this was put to the test this week. I was in a frustratingly long line at the post office, and snuck out my phone to take care of some things (since I wasn’t in the presence of anyone requiring my attention.) Wouldn’t you know that the man behind me in line made it very clear that he wanted to chat, and not only chat but tell me his life story?. After looking up and smiling politely a few times, I stuffed my phone in my bag and gave the stranger my undivided attention.

Thank you prudence.

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