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It’s hard to remain vigilant when approaching theology, but we should all be readily embracing it – and sharing it with our children and family as well.

In fact, today’s gospel reminds us of exactly this: Three servants are entrusted with their master’s possessions. The first is given five talents, the second is given two, and the third is given one. As it says in the gospel (Mt 25:14-30), each is given according to his ability. Both of the first two servants doubled what the master gave them, but the third servant hid his talents, and in fear returned the single talent to the master.

For to everyone who has, more will be given”

The first two servants were called good and faithful. They were given great responsibilities and invited to share in their master’s joy! We, as Christians, are entrusted with the treasures the Lord has given us through the Church (wisdom, knowledge, gifts of the Spirit, the Eucharist, scripture, Sacraments, community). These treasures must be safeguarded with a sacred love, but also shared – that they may be fruitful!

Today, as I listened to the gospel, I thought of it in light of my motherhood. The Lord has entrusted to me children that I often feel unworthy of, but I do all that I can to share my talents and bear fruit in them. And through my children, fruit is born in those whom they touch with their faith and love. Am I asked to give more? Am I asked to welcome more children into our family? Do I hold back anything from God out of fear?

Mother Teresa once said, “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that he didn’t trust me so much.” I often think of these words in times of fear and anxiety; when it feels that God is asking too much of me. Sometimes I wonder how much he wants of me, and before the question rests a moment on my heart, I know the answer – everything!

Kimberly Cook

Writer, Podcaster, Mother, & Catholic Apologist. Meet Kimberly

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