Kimberly Cook

Writer, Podcaster, Mother, & Catholic Apologist

Kimberly Cook

Writer, Podcaster, Mother, & Catholic Apologist

Reclaim Femininity

Digging deep into the vocation and dignity of woman in the Church, in modern times, and as an answer to the call for a new evangelization.

The Dignity of Women

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Catholic insights into the ‘New Feminism’

Authentic voices are missing from much of our social media culture.

We seek to know – and to some extent, enter into relationship with the providers of our information. We not only want community, but community that will uphold truth and lead us to embrace virtue.

All of us are seeking love and acceptance. We want this for ourselves, our spouses, our children, our loved ones, and other men and women as well.

Kimberly brings the truth, and she brings it in her own authentic voice!

The books that she writes and the podcasts she produces are all streamlined to help her audience achieve these goals – stronger and more virtuous marriages, strength on the single journey, deeper relationships with Christ, and an understanding of moral truth, particularly concerning our dignity and worth as men and women of God.

Latest Podcasts

Podcast 12: Hookup Culture

All that you didn’t know about the hookup culture and how we’re all living in it – whether we like it or not! How is marriage the cure?

Podcast #11: Kimberly Hahn

Kimberly Hahn spent 26 years homeschooling her 6 children before moving into local politics. Here she shares her wisdom on how motherhood prepares you for your best!

Latest Articles

Advent Wreath and Jesse Tree

Heave a sigh all you weary people of God! Advent is the first moment of the new liturgical year, and it is a time to cast aside the worries of the world and to focus on what really matters - our eternal life! Luke records a very bleak and scary image of the end times,...

Abuse in the Church

Moral Gravity To experience shock and scandal is always the appropriate response to disorder, particularly in the realm of sexual sin, and far greater when that sin is perpetually committed by representatives of Christ himself. As I read through the recent...

Being a Broken Thing

  One of the hardest metaphysical realities, taught to us both by Christ and through nature, is finding new life through death. Creation is continuously dying and through that death is being created anew. I don't like this process. It's agonizing. Why does beauty...

Gospel Reflection – Hemorrhaging Woman

  Cursed by Blood As a woman living in the 21st century, fertility can certainly be perceived as a blessing and a curse. The week-long menstrual cycle each month is quite often the feminine curse that restricts woman from activities, zaps her energy, heightens...

Gospel Reflections – Birth of John

How Did She Know? There is something that is very perplexing to me about the birth and naming of John the Baptist. How did Elizabeth know that his name should be John? For, as the scripture tells us, Elizabeth first spoke up when asked what his name should be: And on...

Our Love Story

An Early Revelation  From a very early age, I drew close to our Lord, and although not from a very devout household, I found myself speaking with the Lord often throughout my childhood. Among these years of childhood innocence, there were a few very distinct spiritual...

Blessed Mother Barbie – Veiling

  My daughter is very into Barbie dolls right now, and she particularly likes to dress them up and accessorize them with shoes and head pieces. Princesses and queens are always at the height of her fashion choices, which is nice because they are often...


  I used to dread the red light that stopped me at the busy intersection right next to a wearily downcast homeless person, holding a crumpled cardboard sign. I would try to read the dark sharpie letters written on the sign, out of the corner of my eye. I dared...

Suffering & Miracles

  Dear Friends, I am writing to you on the feast of the most beloved St. Joseph! What a wonderful day to celebrate the role of fatherhood and the St. Josephs in our own lives. Here you can read my personal encounter with the foster father of Jesus, and how that...

Kimberly Cook

Kimberly walked through the darkness – separation from God, radical feminism, and embracing anarchist philosophies.

Because she went on an epic faith journey from there, which led her to a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, and a Masters in Theology, Kimberly is able to pull from her unique past experience, as well as her knowledge of truth.


Experience & Authority

Walking away from a past rooted in radical feminism to embrace the wisdom of Holy Mother Church, while obtaining degrees in Theology and Mental Health, I offer experience, knowledge of truth, and wisdom to know the difference!


Striving to reveal our innate dignity through sharing the personal experiences and insights of myself and others.

New Feminism

Feminism is a hot topic and raises many emotions and loaded responses. Many women hide behind feminism as an escape from encountering their own femininity. With the wisdom of John Paul II, who called women to a “new feminism,” equipped with a greater understanding of femininity and masculinity, we have a responsibility to love well.